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Tribe & Red Shield Introduce: VOLUME

--Tribe & Red Shield Introduce: VOLUME--
__Future Sounds of Electronic Dance Music__

11.23.2011 @ Red Shield Music Hall

---Africa Hitech (UK)---

Africa Hitech is more than a name; it is an ideology - one that embodies its members’ passions for an eclectic diaspora of electronic styles, from soul, dub and acid to UK garage, grime, techno, house and Jamaican dancehall. Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek stand at the intersection of all these styles and the result is a synthesizer fuelled syncopated percussion and bass madness.
Africa Hitech, AKA Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek, will release their first album this May through Warp, entitled 93 Million Miles.

Pritchard is probably best known as half of the '90s ambient duo Global Communication (he also produces as Harmonic 313). Spacek first made a splash 10 years ago with his own ambient group, simply called Spacek, and since then has worked solo and in projects like Space Invadas (he also happens to be the brother of drum & bass artist D-Bridge). The two producers first teamed up as Africa Hitech at the Red Bull Music Academy in 2007 and have put out two EPs for Warp since then, both of which flirt with elements of dubstep, grime and funky. All of the tracks on 93 Million Miles are previously unreleased, except for Out in the Streets, which is available as of today through Bleep. As with their last two records, the sleeve design is done by the artist Andy Gilmore.

--Distal (Atlanta USA)--

Atlanta based producer, and part-owner of EMBASSY RECORDINGS Distal has found himself rapidly building an internationally familiar brand in 2010.

Combining time travel with dance music Distal breaks down the more ambiguous sounds from the past and fuses them with thoughts and equations of the future. Because of this non-traditional approach to Dubstep, Funky and Techno, Distal has been forced to take a few risks, but along the way has created a very specific and friendly sound for himself.

Bridging the gap between techno, breakbeat hardcore, house, funk, gangster rap, and even pop culture, is a tricky formula to entertain. This enthusiasm has already gained the attention of many well-respected shamans and pioneers working in Dubstep and Techno today. Most recently his first two releases under Embassy have graced the track listings of Appleblim, 2562, Joe Nice, Moldy, Ramadanman, BenUFO, Julio Bashmore, Breakage, and Moldy The list of recognition is set to grow in March 2010 with three releases due out ( Rogue Dubs, Car Crash Set, and Embassy ).

Local Reprezent

In 2010 after causing some commotion locally and over the internet, Magnum joined forward-thinking club music label, Nightshifters, based in Berlin and run by DJ Donna Summer and Jubilee to remix Canblaster's “Triple Ring” for Canblaster's debut EP and then release his own debut EP “Grooveworks” in May 2011, which showcases some harsher, heavier rave vibes and gets remixed by top new-weirdos: Hostage, Panteros666 from Club Cheval fame, Randomer and Lucid. In the following months Magnum released “Schemes” on Future of Bass 1, a compilation cured by HxdB for US based label Gradient Audio and remixed Bosstone, Emmerson & Klauser, MadJazz and Lao. His sophomore EP “Visions” came out on Belgium based label Inhale on October 2011 and recieved early support from 2562, Randomer, Norrit and Resketch among many others. Fall/Winter plans for Magnum in 2011 include a forthcoming release on UK based label 92 Points as well as more new tunes, more remixing, more shows and launching his own label Tribe.


PRDC is a Collective of different minds in contribution to the uprising Dubstep sound in the island of Puerto Rico. Forged by Moshrum, Codezero and Pipo.Exe. This Cru has proven its quality and energy in every single event, as their roots vary from Reggae, Nu Skool Breaks and Drum and Bass.

PRDC has shared vibes in massive events with Mala, Simbad, Worthy, Ramadanman, Zed Bias, Martyn, 2562 / A Made Up Sound, Gemmy, Appleblim, Rob Sparx, Dfrnt, Untold, Reso, Hellfire Machina, Nero… and will continue to dominate the local dubstep scene.

--Chuck Maurice--

Juan Mauricio Rojas(Squadra, Vanguardia Sonora, Ro-Mal), is Chuck Maurice who runs Red Shield Records and Amalgama Records.


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10.29.2011 Sluggo @ Red Shield Music Hall

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Ultragore | Subhuman | Play Me

-and featuring Puerto Rico's finest-

PRDC (Puerto Rico Dubstep Cru)

Ian Bazehead
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