Friday, November 5, 2010

11.13.10 Red Shield Present: Appleblim feat. PRDC

Saturday November 13th @ Red Shield: Appleblim [Bristol, UK]

Red Shield Presents

Appleblim(Bristol, UK)

Sometime in 2007 a subsection of dubstep broke cover and headed off in a new direction. Starting in Bristol, it shot over the channel and headed for the middle ground between itself and Berlin to unite in a shared love of Jamaican bass, delay and space with a little Detroit groove. Appleblim is largely responsible and perhaps the most recognized player of this outbreak. Detroit and E...uro techno's influence on dubstep had moved to the background before Appleblim and friends began to gather momentum. Now an entire sub-movement underneath the dubstep umbrella the boundaries between dubby techno and techy dubstep seem to have dissolved thanks to him.

Currently and originally hailing from Bristol, Appleblim spent some time in London in the 90’s where he like many of dubstep's pioneers caught the jungle bug and through it, developed a love of dub, bass and dark spaces that would keep him in good stead later. Along with Shackleton he formed the unique Skull Disco label, which became best known for releasing Shackleton's, uniquely dark, paranoid and organic percussion, while Appleblim was quietly working on his direction as a DJ and collaborating with the likes of Ramadaman, Peverelist, Al Tourette’s and Komonazmuk among other main players in the scene to forge his own sound. He has since started the Apple Pips label and has been making the rounds at the most progressive clubs and festivals worldwide with his influential interpretation of dubstep.

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