Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Celebrating 10 years of Dubstep

Our friends at the respected "Drowned in Sound" music portal have compiled a series of must-look-at articles, in celebration of Dubstep's 10 years. Even though it wasn't always DUBSTEP, Rory Gibb explains to us the complexities of this ever changin' genre... the true evolution of the UK's pirate sounds and the underground bass scene. A little bit of history, ranging out to the most shining, game changing, evolutionary productions over these years.

"Ten or so years ago, when this very site was the merest glimmer in the eye of an internet still largely running at 56k, UK garage was at the peak of its commercial power. Rising from the ashes of the original rave movement via the second rooms of early jungle nights, it had fast become a mainstream force far exceeding that of its closest relatives. The two-step beat was everywhere, finding its way into chart hits across the board and making unlikely, if fairly temporary, stars of Craig David and even Daniel Bedingfield (yikes). But within the next year or two the entire scene - one that had been built over several years of hard work and innovation beneath the surface of the mainstream - simply imploded. What had once been a tight knit community collapsed in on itself under the weight of champagne 'n' cocaine excesses and infighting. UK garage all but disappeared from charts and clubs, splintering into a dense outward spray of modified forms. Some producers headed towards the wider regions of house. But centred around the London pirate station Rinse FM other less easily definable sounds began to coalesce, within the urban crucibles of East and South London – the earliest forms of dubstep and grime." (by Rory Gibb 11:08 August 16th, 2010)

Find all articles compiled at:
Drowned in Sound - 10 Years of Dubstep

Leave you all with some lost(?) sounds...

... and be sure to cop the 25 Tracks: A Dubstep Chronology Mixtape by Eighteen.
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