Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bacardi Pioneers UK Music Project.

PRDC is grateful for been part of the completion of this project. Here's the official press release and the three tracks for free.

Video and Pics

The Official Press Release:


London, July 2010

BACARDI Superior rum is collaborating with music pioneer Norman Jay, MBE, to support breakthrough music acts this summer. The legendary DJ will work with the world’s first white rum to nurture the talents of three new UK music artists.

With Norman Jay’s guidance, each artist will create a distinctive version of the rumba, preserving the original elements, but basing it within their own individual genre, combining UK beat based music with the rhythms of Latin America.

Known for pioneering cocktails – such as the Mojito and Cuba Libre – BACARDI rum also has a rich heritage in music, particularly the rumba, and has been hosting legendary parties since 1862. In more recent times (the past 13 years), BACARDI B-LIVE has become a popular fixture at Festivals building upon this vibrant musical legacy.

Norman Jay made a name for himself in the 1980s discovering and nurturing emerging talent, recruiting Jazzie B, Giles Peterson, Trevor ‘The Lick’ Nelson and Judge Jules (a moniker actually provided by Norman himself) to his pirate radio stations KISS. The three U.K. artists will work with Norman Jay to focus their inspiration, and he will guide them to create stand-out tracks which showcase the best of their abilities, across their respective genres.

The three artists chosen are Reso, Untold, and Disco Bloodbath.

27 year-old Reso (aka Alex Melia) pours his frenetic energy and love of breakbeat rhythms into his dubstep/breaks/techno productions. His natural love of drumming shines through creating rich musical textures which really set him apart. Fervent support from Mary Anne Hobbs and Rob Da Bank means that his album, due November 2010, is highly anticipated by fans from all electronic genres.

Starting out as a producer from his bedroom, Untold (aka Jack Dunning) has been releasing bass-heavy electronic house on Hessle Audio since 2008, with his 12” release Anaconda showing the electronic world they had a new artist with a highly distinctive sound to get their teeth into. As keen to discover new music as he is to produce his own, Untold also runs his own label, Hemlock.

Disco Bloodbath – Damon Martin, Dan Beaumont and Ben Pistor – began life as an irregular East London basement party. Their unique blend of raw disco, spaced-out italo, vintage house and proto-techno has taken the Bloodbath sound to some of the UK’s most discerning dancefloors including Fabric, Bugged Out, Bestival, The Big Chill, secretsundaze, Horse Meat Disco, Lovebox, The Warehouse Project and Matter.

“I’m really looking forward to working with these acts to create some great tracks” said Norman Jay. “For me, music has always been about discovering new influences, and taking inspiration from them to create something new and original. That’s exactly what I’m hoping to help these young artists achieve. We’ve identified them specifically for their passion, fire, and their influence within their own genres and the underground scene.”

The three tracks, each inspired by the rumba, will be available for download later this summer, visit for further information.

Download All Three Tracks

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dubstep on local FM radio! - PRDC & Hellfire Machina on Radio Joe 106.1FM

So our guys at BPM Radio decided to dedicate last saturday's show to dubstep in general and aired mixes by Hellfire Machina and PRDC! If you didn't catch it live, we got you covered! Hop in and let us know if it made lunch better for ya!

Bpmradioshow #57"Dubstep Edition"Locals Beats by PRDC Moshrum&CodeZero.Guest Mix by Hellfire Machina by bpmradioshow@106.1fm

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Celebrating 10 years of Dubstep

Our friends at the respected "Drowned in Sound" music portal have compiled a series of must-look-at articles, in celebration of Dubstep's 10 years. Even though it wasn't always DUBSTEP, Rory Gibb explains to us the complexities of this ever changin' genre... the true evolution of the UK's pirate sounds and the underground bass scene. A little bit of history, ranging out to the most shining, game changing, evolutionary productions over these years.

"Ten or so years ago, when this very site was the merest glimmer in the eye of an internet still largely running at 56k, UK garage was at the peak of its commercial power. Rising from the ashes of the original rave movement via the second rooms of early jungle nights, it had fast become a mainstream force far exceeding that of its closest relatives. The two-step beat was everywhere, finding its way into chart hits across the board and making unlikely, if fairly temporary, stars of Craig David and even Daniel Bedingfield (yikes). But within the next year or two the entire scene - one that had been built over several years of hard work and innovation beneath the surface of the mainstream - simply imploded. What had once been a tight knit community collapsed in on itself under the weight of champagne 'n' cocaine excesses and infighting. UK garage all but disappeared from charts and clubs, splintering into a dense outward spray of modified forms. Some producers headed towards the wider regions of house. But centred around the London pirate station Rinse FM other less easily definable sounds began to coalesce, within the urban crucibles of East and South London – the earliest forms of dubstep and grime." (by Rory Gibb 11:08 August 16th, 2010)

Find all articles compiled at:
Drowned in Sound - 10 Years of Dubstep

Leave you all with some lost(?) sounds...

... and be sure to cop the 25 Tracks: A Dubstep Chronology Mixtape by Eighteen.
Download HERE!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

PRDC confirmed for EDC PR 2010!

It's official! PRDC has been confirmed to perform at the 2010 Electric Daisy Carnival: Puerto Rico!  Are you ready for it???

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mary Anne Hobbs... a legacy

Way before owning the Sonar Festival LAB stage, Mary Anne Hobbs had us fed by a future sounds / experimental musik feast. Her open platform at the BBC Radio1 gave her the tools to scatter out to the world what the true dubstep sound was all about, and better yet, how it evolved over the years 'till the likes of today. Back in 2007 she exploited the sound through Hyperdub's Kode9 in Sonar, without knowing how the people in Barcelona was going to react... until Kode's words in a beginning set went gleaming: "They comin'. They loving it. This is IT!".

Not so lucky for us fans, and after a 14 years career, she has decided to retire from her position at the BreezeBlock/Experimental show to pursue other goals (teaching), and is set to leave BBC on September 2010.

Now she retires from her platform in the up-most point of her musical career. 2010 had the "real Queen of England" throwing bombs at her LAB stage alongside of one of 2009 most prominent producers, Joy Orbison; LA's BrainFeeder Cru mastermind and Low End Theory resident, FlyLo; and UK Funky/Garage sensation Roska... for a wicked, devastating, blown-out 10,000 strong massive, 4th year in a row. Now lucky us, she'll be keeping her Lab stage in the forthcoming.

Stay tuned 'cuz she promises to deliver in August 2010... with the likes of Ramadanman, Skream & Joker.

Know more ... at

- Voda -

PRDC Presents: Bass Sessions 02

PRDC - bass sessions vol2 by cz by PRDC

Here is the long awaited Bass Session Vol. 2 mix!  This time, it's CODEZERO's turn to make everyone dance so hang on and have your dancing shoes handy because you... WILL NEED 'EM!