Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PRDC @ ASH 04.09.2009

CZ Premium & Green Robot Lab Accessories Bring you…:

The mOst wICkeD biRtHdaY pArtEh eVerR

'Cause the older we get, the harder we party…! Take a break from all the beach bumming and join us on Thursday April 9th as we celebrate Julie's 25, Juanki's 26 and Melvin's 32 at this Spring Break's most wicked party.

Beats by some of the hottest local Dj's:
- Predator (Hip Hop / Dancehall)
- Tek Dunga & Cut Radio (Ghetto Dance) [Discos Dansers]
- George MTZ (House)
- Codezero (DnB) [PRDC]
- Moshrum (Dubstep) [PRDC]

~ FrEe jEllO sHotS *!
Club Ash 139 Calle O'Neill (behind old Coaches)
Free entrance!
Come as you are. Party attitude is strongly required!